About Me

I am a recent graduate from Pomona College, who majored in Media Studies and minored in Japanese, looking to embark on a career related to books and writing preferably in young adult. Why YA you ask? Because it's so much more interesting! Authors of YA are generally unafraid to try new things, so the scene of YA literature is always changing, which is good for me, because I get bored when I have to look at the same thing day after day after day for years if nothing's changing.

I love to read, and I will read just about anything as long as it's interesting. Lately, fantasy books have been catching my attention a lot, but I also really enjoy mystery (my first true love!), novel and/or different contemporary romances, dystopia, thriller, and science fiction (plus, again, just about anything well-written and original). That said, I also love to read manga and Japanese literature, because I love Japan and Japanese culture (in case you couldn't guess from my minor up there), so expect to see a lot of posts on that too.

I have really high expectations about what I consider to be original or well-written, which means I am something of a book snob, and sometimes I can be a bit of negative nancy when it comes to books that don't measure up to that standard. My current work as a TV & movie script evaluator and developer for a Hollywood producer and a reader for Aurealis necessitates such a discerning eye, but I try to be as fair as humanly possible when I read or discuss books. If I get out of hand, though, just tell me to chill out. I won't take offense! :)

I love to meet new people and talking about books is one of my favorite things in the world, so if you want to chat about them, hit me up at youknowwhatimean47@gmail.com.

Q &A

Q: Why The CLuB? Are you a hardcore partier?
A: Haha, that's funny! Unless you count sitting at home watching Criminal Minds marathon and getting high on the smell of pages of books as you turn them as parties, then no, I am not anywhere near a hardcore partier. The name is actually an homage to my friends. Originally, I had wanted to start this blog with two friends. The C is for Christina, the lovely lady of ChristinareadsYA, the L is for Lo (aka me), and the B is for our friend, who, coincidentally, we call B. Anyway, Christina decided to start a blog on her own, and after some thought, I decided to go ahead and start one myself using The CLuB as my name, because I always thought it was really cool. We joked that the "u" would be for YOU, our lovely blog readers, so it was like all of us were together. Yes, we knew it was cheesy. Yes, you may laugh.

Q: So…Japan, huh?
A: Yes, I do speak Japanese. Yes, I have been to Japan. I lived in Tokyo for almost six months in 2011, and it was possibly the highlight of my life thus far. I am planning to get back there again, hopefully for at least a year. I really want to study their book reading culture, because they read books everywhere, and they're legitimately pocket-sized! My kind of place.


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