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Hello, and welcome to You Know What I Mean, Right? (You Know, for short), a new kind of book blog! I'm Lo, your host on what I hope will prove to be a long, crazy, and fun journey all about YA (and the occasional diversion). You can find out more information than you ever wanted to know about me or my blog on the About Me and About Blog pages listed above, but I'll give you a short introduction to both anyway.

I am recent college grad, who loves to read, write, and talk about books. This blog mostly came from experiences I had in a Children's Literature class I took and my internship developing movie and TV scripts that got me asking questions like "What is YA?" "What draws me to one book and pushes me away from another?" "What can I take from this book to influence my own writing?" These are the kinds of topics and questions I hope to be exploring here, instead of me just posting book reviews (what I mean when I saw "new kind of blog"). This is further explored on that About Blog page though, so if you're curious, you should click that right away!

As I mentioned, I love talking about books, so I welcome any and all reader interaction. You can connect with me on all the ways listed below. Don't be a stranger, and again, welcome to You Know. Enjoy your stay!

E-mail: youknowwhatimean47@gmail.com
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Pinterest: clublohi
Twitter: @CLuBLoHi
Tumblr: You Know What I Mean, Right?


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